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Sanguine 2: Hints, Tips, and Spoilers

2016-10-05 21:00:04 by RayBeckham

- Every world has a level with a glowing gold light of some sort.  These levels have an extra key hidden within them.

- Eleanor can grab humans with her chain.  While never required, a short jump > chain combo can sometimes grab people with less risk of detection.

- Squash Heads (jack o lantern men) have a different color torch for each world.  They only appear in world 2 and 3, but would have had an orange torch in world 1.

- On the docks level, getting up to the boat summons a ferry man.  If you escort the boat to the end of the level, you will be able to skip the corn field (mostly) by moving across the water by boat and gain access to a secret "refill" level with a neat visual aesthetic.

- While holding down, Eleanor's attack becomes a dagger stab.  The lack of range makes it's use limited, but if you are pecise, it murders bosses quickly.  It is also excellent against the blood witch (red liquid skeleton).

- The word code in the mansion level of world 2 is "teeth".

- There is a slim chance of hearing a voice, followed by a laugh while hearing the cave ambience script.  I was doing recordings and in frustration made some dumb sound, and realizing how weird it was, I laughed aloud.  I decided to add it in the game in this way.

- While being "reeled in" to a wall horizontally, you can jump-cancel the animation to get over obstacles more quickly.  While not required, it is faster and easier to get over long jumps.

- One of the graveyards in world 3 is actually a refill stage.  Look closely!

- Iron Maidens (purple armored things) can all be easily bypassed if the player simply runs straight at them and jumps over them WHILE DUCKING.

- While holding a human, Eleanor can jump off of them by holding up and jump at the same time.  I explained it in the game, but, it's never required.  It is useful to reach the ferry man boat on the docks level.

- Vigo the Carpathian (Ghostbusters 2) has a painting in the mansion behind a wall, to the right of the fireplace.  I didn't make him very high resolution because I wanted the reference to be vague rather than too blunt.  Ultimately I wasn't very happy with it, but I left it in.


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2016-10-06 08:43:38

thankyou you are the best


2016-10-08 04:07:02

Thank you so much. I really love this game although the controls are a bit loose, it is an amazing challenging game.


2016-10-08 09:11:06

hey man, i already wrote i 5 stars review, but now the game reveals a bug, the character is stucked in the map it cant move in any directions...any tips to unlock eleonore?


2016-10-10 18:57:43

I don't really think that the game may need something that guides you... Maybe I had a glitch and couldn't cross the bridge because of that, your game is awesome and you're doing an AWESOME job as a creator, keep going!


2016-10-14 00:46:36

Hey, I'm sincerely sorry to do this to you, but I unfortunately need help. I have 14 keys, but I've looked almost everywhere for it. The only place I have not been able to check is what appears to be a laboratory on a lone island in World 3. Would you be willing to give me a hint on how to get there?

RayBeckham responds:

Notice the graveyard on the island?


2016-10-15 01:34:00

it passed too much time since the sanguine 1, and i have to say that i enjoyed the first one
and this game right here is a pice of art,
the plataforming here is really great & challenging, reminds me of prince of persia & castlevania

so, when i first saw the comments, i got so annoyed because of people complaining about the controls, but hey, i have to say that i had problems in the first level, but it took not much time for me to catch the meaning on the controls.

it's not imposible... just hard
fucking pussys


2016-10-16 11:25:23

Wonderful game, first thing I did after playing this game was to find out who's this Ray Beckham :))

RayBeckham responds:

I've made some other flash games, but I had them removed from Newgrounds due to some personal issues a while back. You can find them under Hyrus on kongregate.com.


2016-11-03 21:40:20

Is the Legend of Dan's Creek supposed to be beatable?

RayBeckham responds:



2016-11-26 06:57:48

I really,really enjoyed the 2 games thnaks you so much to let us play this kind of game for free,big up! And just something else:is the sanguine 2 plot following the first game plot?

RayBeckham responds:

Sanguine 2 continues from the first game, but the story elements are not related.

The first game was about a girl being juvenile and backstabbing a mysterious but sinister ally. It was vague and confused people, and going back... I really am not satisfied with how I went about it. I was pushing myself to make an even bigger game this time and I didn't want to do another poor job with it, so I tried to just focus on gameplay and keeping the story elements lighter.


2017-03-03 03:55:29

I was told that there's a secret scythe weapon in the forest level of world 1 but I don't know how to get to the secret area that has it. There's no smashable blocks or anything helpful! So....help? ;3;

RayBeckham responds:

There are many smashable blocks disguised as terrain throughout the game. I believe the scythe in the woods is under the first checkpoint, to the right of the big tree.


2017-04-30 05:27:58

And what's with the end? Whats with the "world" with doors to each of the other worlds and with the closed door in it? And with the closed door in the level after killing the skull?


2017-05-15 16:08:20

-In the first world there is a warp to get to the 2nd and 3rd worlds. You can access the warp area through the 2nd and 3rd worlds too.
-When fighting large groups of PEOPLE, a good way to avoid taking damage is to grab a person and eat them. Even though you may not get to finish eating them, you still get to take a free hit while you're grabbing them. The scythe also allows you to take a free hit if you have it.

You made a really nice and challenging game, and I'd play it anytime. Keep up the fantastic work!